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The IPEC Interprofessional Leadership Development Program (ILDP) is a three-day, interactive professional development experience, distinguished by an emphasis on leading in an interprofessional environment. Facilitated by the Academy for Advancing Leadership (AAL), the ILDP engages leaders responsible for the development, implementation, and assessment of campus-wide interprofessional education (IPE) initiatives, and residency/fellowship leaders in IPE for collaborative practice (IPECP).


Each day will be organized around a theme associated with gaps and bridges. More specifically, the themes are as follows:

  • Day 1—Assessing the Gaps Between Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
  • Day 2—Learning from Successes in Bridging the Gaps
  • Day 3—Overcoming Professional Identify and Cultural Barriers to Collaborative Practice

Prior to attending the ILDP, registrants will be required to submit: (1) one to two challenges in bridging the gap between IPE and CP on which they would like to work during the program; and (2) one to two gaps they faced and successfully bridged. This information will be used in “Bridging the Gaps” rounds described below.

The format and content of the ILDP will include the following highlights:

  • Keynote presentation examining the National Academy of Medicine's past and current efforts to foster interprofessional collaboration;
  • Discussion of the IPEC Scoping Project on IPE’s impact on the quality of patient care;
  • Presentation and pilot of the IPEC Institutional Assessment Instrument to measure institutional capacity for high-quality programmatic IPE;
  • Workshop on strategies for building high performing interprofessional teams and translating these team practices to CP;
  • Exploration of the meaning of and different models of CP;
  • Showcase Presentations during which participants will facilitate discussions about successes in bridging gaps;
  • An expert panel presentation/discussion with members of the panel presenting both sides of the argument, pro and con, for IPECP; and
  • Planning exercises that will result in participants leaving the ILDP with an actionable plan for bridging a gap at their institution along with a process to measure their success.

Program Agenda

Click here for the daily agenda. (Last Updated: 6/8/2022)

See below for daily schedule.