How to Create an IPEC Login

To register for an IPEC in-person or virtual event, you will need to create an IPEC website login.

Instructions for IPEC Members

You are an IPEC member if your school/ college/ institution is a member of one of the IPEC member associations. For example, your College of Social Work is a member of the Council on Social Work Education. Therefore, you are an IPEC member.

See full list of IPEC member associations here:

If you do not choose "Member" as your "Member Type" when creating a profile, the registration form will not reflect your IPEC member pricing. If you are unsure of which option you selected, please email [email protected]

Instructions for Non-Members

When creating an IPEC profile, please select "Non-Member" when choosing your "Member Type." This will ensure that the correct non-member pricing is shown.

Ready to Create Your Login?

Click here to create an IPEC profile.